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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SYB stand for?

SYB stands for Stow Youth Baseball. We are a nonprofit organization, with proceeds benefiting the youth baseball program. More info is available at


When are your office hours?

We are available by phone Tues-Sat 10am-6pm unless we are busy with an event. We are in the office by appointment. Our number is 330-730-8214. Please make sure to leave a message when you call, because we will return your call during or after office hours. You can email us anytime at


How much is the deposit and is it refundable?

There is a $1000.00 deposit required to hold your date. If you cancel your event no portion of your deposit will be refunded.


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. A 4% service fee will be added to credit card transactions. We accept cash, check, or cashier’s check with no additional transaction fee.


When is our final payment due?

Your final payment, along with your final count and all final details, is due 2 weeks prior to your event. Please call 4 weeks before your event to make an appointment.


Are there any additional fees?

A 12% service fee will be added to all packages- no tax or bar fees, and gratuity is optional! When comparing venues consider service fees, tax, gratuity, bar fees, time, and guest minimums.


Do you require a minimum number of guests?

Peak season (May-Oct): Saturday 125 guest min , Friday 100 guest min

Off-Peak season (Nov-April): Saturday 100 guest min , Friday 85 guest min

Winter special (Jan-Mar): Saturday 100 guest min, Friday 85 guest min


Do you require a security guard?

All receptions/events serving alcohol require a security guard at a cost of $160.00 (2023)/$180 (2024). SYB will take care of booking the police officer for you, and you will include this fee in your final payment.


Does SYB allow smoking?

SYB is a nonsmoking facility. However, there are designated smoking areas outside.


Can we have our ceremony at SYB?

Yes you can! The Hudson Room is available for rental, or you can have your ceremony right in the Ballroom where your reception will be. The cost for the Hudson Room is $350. (see “Ceremonies at SYB” for more details)

Does SYB charge for decorating?

If there is an event the night/day before your reception, you may make arrangements to decorate in the morning. If you would like SYB crew to decorate, the charge will be $150. 

How many chairs are at each table?



What is Available from SYB?


For the Bar:

-We provide all of the mixers for the bar including: Orange, grapefruit, and pineapple juices, Bloody Mary mix, tonic, soda water, milk (upon request), Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Ginger ale, Lemonade, Orange Fanta, teas, and garnishes (lemons, limes, olives, cherries)

-If you provide kegs of beer, we have 2 taps and a cooler to keep them cold. Bottled beer is recommended. No cans are allowed.


Available to you at no extra cost are:

-Champagne glasses for the head table

-Table numbers


-High chairs and booster seats

-Wishing well/bird cage for cards

-Centerpieces (no floating candles permitted except in cylinders)

-Table cloths (white, ivory, navy, or black), napkins (many color choices!), china, silverware

-Cake knives

-Disposable plates, forks and napkins for hors devoures and cake


Available for rental are:

-Champagne/Punch fountain ($35 – you would provide the beverage for this)

-Uplighting is available for $7 each

-China plates for cake and/or hors devoures

-We have a complimentary coat room. However, we can provide an attendant for you at the cost of $75.

-Champagne glasses are provided for the bridal party at no cost. Additional champagne glasses can be rented for 45 cents each.

-Please ask if you are in need of items not on this list.



The Planning Process:


Can I book whatever vendors I’d like? Can you recommend any to me?

You are welcome to choose your own vendors (DJ, Baker, Photographer, etc). Please keep in mind that we have seen many of these people in action and we’ll be happy to let you know what we’ve seen. We’ll also be happy to recommend our favorites to you!


Can we try the food to help plan our menu?

Absolutely! Our tastings will be listed on every Thursday. If you are interested in a pick up, please list your name in the comments of the post. Every couple is permitted three tastings. When you arrive at SYB for your tasting please park at the back of the building and call us at 330-920-8536 and we will bring the menu sampling out to you.


How do we know how much and what kind of alcohol to bring?

Just ask us- we can help you! We have a chart that is very helpful. Keep in mind, we don’t serve shots, and beer must be bottled or in kegs- no cans.


Can we bring cookies or other desserts?

Sure! You may bring cookies and pastries that have already been placed on trays and are ready to be set on the dessert table. SYB can not tray your desserts. If you will be providing a candy buffet, no chewing gum is allowed, and all items must be approved by SYB Management. Please note, although you may bring desserts, you may not bring your own chocolate fountain.


Can we bring decorations?

Yes! But nothing can be taped, nailed, or stapled to the walls, wood, or windows, and no confetti or similar things that are sprinkled may be used. All decorations including centerpieces and especially candles must be approved by SYB prior to being used.


When can we setup our extra décor and favors?

Thursday between 10am and 2pm is the designated time for you to decorate for your event. If we have an event scheduled before yours, you can drop your items off on Thursday and they will be set up for you the day for your event.

When are my final count and payment due?

We will meet 2 weeks before your wedding to finalize everything. Please call 4 weeks in advance to make your appointment.


Ceremonies at SYB:


You can have your ceremony and reception in one place- at SYB! The Hudson room is available for rental for your ceremony, and seats up to 150 guests. The cost is $350 and includes setup, extra time for your ceremony, and a rehearsal. You could also have your ceremony right in the main Ballroom before your reception at no extra cost. The reception must be immediately following any ceremony at SYB


What will we discuss in our final meeting?

-Your final count and payment (please have an accurate final count at this time)

-Napkin color

-Starting/ending times and equence of events for the entire day

-When you’ll be dropping off or setting up extra items (toasting glasses, cake knives, favors, alcohol, seating chart or place cards –in alphabetical order and folded. )

-Your menu, napkin color, centerpieces, and other decor

– What outside vendors you are using (DJ, Cake, Florist, etc.)

-We will answer any questions you may have.

Important Facts to Remember the Day of Your Event

-You and your vendors will have access to the hall at noon unless prior arrangements have been made.

-The kitchen is for employees only. Guests, family members, members of the bridal party, etc. do not have access to the kitchen for any reason.

-The buffet will be available for about 1 ½ hours. We are unable to make plates for late guests without prior arrangements.

-If there is food left over, we’ll pack up one pan of each leftover item for you to take home. SYB does not guarantee that you will have leftover food to take home.

-All of your alcohol, leftover food, decorations, gifts, etc. must be taken with you the night of your event.

-The bar closes and the DJ must stop playing music ½ hour prior to your contracted ending time.

-Make sure you’ve asked someone to be in charge of loading up your gifts, leftover alcohol and food into vehicles at the end of the night. It can be a very hectic time and is much easier when someone is expecting to handle this already.

-Have a list of must-have pictures ready for your photographer. Your picture time will be much quicker and you can start celebrating sooner!


We are here to help you make your event everything you want it to be! Please let the manager know if you need anything at all, at any time before or during your event!

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